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What is it?

Quick&Pro Menu creates a special style of jQuery menus which is only seldom seen in websites. Combining the power of jQuery and CSS it will lift up your Website design.

Is it hard to implement?

No! It is the typical way of implementing a jQuery plugin. You just need to know little HTML and Javascript. Put the JS and CSS links in the head of your HTML site and build an unsorted list of items like this:

< li>< a href="index.html">Q&P-Home< /a>
    < ul id="ok">
        < li>
            < a href="index.html">< img src="images/submenu/sub_3.jpg"> 
                < div class="menu-head">< span class="head_type_2">> With Banner< /span>< /div>
                < div class="menu-content">
                	< span class="content_type_1">In exerci ignota intellegam name mei ornatus
                     perfecto dissentiet, te velit sanctus appareat nam.< /span>
                < /div>
            < /a>
         < /li>
         < li>
            < a href="index.html">< img src="images/submenu/sub_4.jpg"> 
            < div class="menu-head">< span class="head_type_2">> With Description< /span>< /div>
               < div class="menu-content">
               		< span class="content_type_1">Pro pertinacia constituam invi, inte dolores
                     percipitur idunni. Esse vitae perpetua id corpora.< /span>
                < /div>
           < /a>
        < /li>
    < /ul>
< /li>


  • 2 Level Menu.
  • Flash style motion.
  • Highly customizable.
  • 3 Style Categories.
  • Googlefont ready.
  • jQuery Conflict free plugin.
  • Example demos included.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Special Easing.